【靈魂卡週紀:2月12日-2月18日】 【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: February 12th – February 18th】 這週是迎接農曆新年的一週,在周圍環境鬧哄哄的時候,內觀回歸自己的中心特別重要,穩穩地感受自己,不慌不忙。每天好好讓自己靜下來,恢復能量與釋放壓力。享受歡樂氣氛,在這樣的感覺中去思考自己的現狀,我不想要什麼?我想要什麼呢?準備好清晰的行動藍圖,年後執行! This week, many people are celebrating Chinese New Year. It’s especially important to connect to your core when the environment around you is chaotic. It’s a good time to practise mindfulness meditation. Feel your body, observe your thoughts and emotions. Let yourself feel calm. […]

【靈魂卡週紀:2月5日-2月11日】 【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: February 5th – February 11th】 接納恐懼,臣服對抗,釋放對立防衛的壓力,面對自己深沉的黑暗面,不再讓潛意識的反應主導限縮了自己。傷害人的衝動是自然的情緒反應。侵略性是生物本能,他們沒有不好,這是保護自己的本能反應。透過這些感受,找出為什麼會感覺需要防衛保護自己,是誰在過去和小時候傷害了自己?他們如何傷害了你?好好讓自己感覺生氣憤怒,為自己採取行動,掙脫被來自他人恐懼壓迫限縮的限制,重獲自由! Embrace your fears, surrender, release the pressure of resisting and defending, face your unsavoury shadows. Stop letting unconscious impulses dominate and limit yourself. The impulse to hurting others is natural. Aggression is our instinct, and it’s not negative or bad; they exist because of […]

【靈魂卡週紀:1月29日-2月4日】 【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 29th – February 4th】 自我表達不一定是口語的,或抽象或具體,創作有各種形式、媒材與媒介。從發想到完成的醞釀過程,沉浸在自己的世界,專注到忘記時間,這樣的注意力品質帶來效率與生產力,但這些都不是刻意追求的成果。真正的效率與生產力來自靈感啟發與內在不同自我的和諧一致。 Self expression comes in many forms; it isn’t always verbal. Sometimes it’s abstract, sometimes it’s concrete. There are countless ways and media we can use to tell the world who we are, how we think and how we feel. From the conception of an […]

【靈魂卡週紀:1月22日-1月28日】 【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 22nd – January 28th】 你說出了你內在真實的情緒與想法感受了嗎?你知道自己內在真實的情緒與想法感受是什麼嗎?勇敢地承認與探索真實的自己,這些多元的樣貌每一個都同樣重要、同樣有意義與價值!你很重要! Have you spoken your internal truths, your true feelings, true thoughts and true perceptions? Do you consciously know your internal truths, your true feelings, true thoughts and true perceptions? Bravely admit to them and explore them! Your authenticity, your various aspects of self, every […]

【靈魂卡週紀:1月15日-1月21日】 【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 15th – January 21st】 愛需要表達,讓人知道與感覺到。關心家人朋友,讓人感覺到你的愛,或許你們同時都在想著彼此呢!人在更深的層次是心意相通與能量相連的,讓這份連結變得明顯有感與覺知吧! Love needs to be expressed, known and felt. Express your love to your friends and family. Let them feel how much you love and care about them. Maybe you are thinking about each other simultaneously! People are interconnected on the deeper emotional and energetic […]

【靈魂卡週紀:1月8日-1月14日】 【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 8th – January 14th】 面對長年積壓在心中的痛苦,才能編織不受陰影纏繞的未來。花些時間好好一個人內觀自己的心、自己的內在世界。問自己真正的想法是什麼?真正的感受是什麼?為什麼自己有這些想法與感覺?穿越痛苦與煩惱,希望就在面對真實裡。 Face the pain we’ve suppressed and buried deep in the subconscious mind for so long, so we can weave the future free from the shadow of the past. Spend some time in solitude to observe the heart and the internal world. Ask ourselves: what […]

Enjoy the process of creation! Let’s be process-oriented instead of result-oriented. Immerse yourself in the creative process to the degree that results don’t matter at all! 享受創造的過程吧!專注於過程而非結果。沉浸於創作的過程,沉浸到創作的結果不再重要! #enjoy #process #present #flow #allowing #create

【靈魂卡週紀:1月1日-1月7日】 【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 1st – January 7th】 大家新年快樂!2018年的第一週充滿生氣活力,甚至有點手忙腳亂,理清自己的優先順序,專注於自己的創造,在健康的個人界線確立後,孵育長大自己的夢想!找到自己真正想要的,並直直向其邁進! 2018年充滿了落實的創造力,嶄新的進化階段! Happy New Year, everybody! The first week of 2018 is full of vitality, even hectic sometimes. Get clear on your priorities. Focus on your creation. With healthy personal boundaries, bring your dreams into realities! Find out what you really want and move forward […]

恐懼是讓我們防備的原因。衝突在大多數的時候都與恐懼相關。了解自己的害怕恐懼,並主動溝通讓身邊的人了解這些害怕。讓我們有機會互相照顧彼此的恐懼。如此,我們才能在彼此的陪伴中感受到愛與安全。 Fear is what makes us defensive. Conflicts, most of the time, are about fears. Let our fears be known by ourselves and communicate those fears to people around us. Let ourselves have the opportunity to caretake each other’s fears. This is how we feel loved and safe around each other. #lunaalchemistoflife #lunadailyupdate #dailyupdate #44 […]

我們不害怕未知,我們害怕的是我們對未知的想像。 We don’t fear the unknown. We fear what we have projected into the unknown. #lunaalchemistoflife #lunadailyupdate #dailyupdate #43 #unknown #fear #curious #projection #imagination #pastexperiences #每日更新 #未知 #害怕 #好奇 #投射 #想像 #過去經驗